Pest Control in Agriculture

Drone technology development has opened a window of opportunity has opened for the development of drone based breakthroughs in the field of agriculture in coping with various types of pests. Until today, pesticides have been applied disproportionately and manually by a large amount of manpower. ALTA offers drone based solutions that help make pesticides application more efficient, offer high level precision and optimize manpower utilization, which in turn lead to an enormous financial saving for the client and farmer.

Splat Application:

False codling moth (FCM) is a quarantine pest that has migrated to Israel from South Africa in recent years.

This pest mainly feeds off citrus species, and even partiel infestation deems the entire orchard infested.

Luxembourg Industries Ltd offers a splat pheromone (a volatile substance that is released by a living thing in order to manipulate the social or sexual behavior of insects of the same sex), a unique substance for handling the false codling moth by confusing the male with the odor of the female.

Collaboration between Luxembourg and ALTA has given rise to a new and unprecedented service of applying the splat over agricultural fields through the use of a unique drone platform.

System Name: Venue

Today, a given work crew applies about 400 dunham per day.

ALTA specializes in operating these unique aircraft in light of the values of professionalism, safety, reliability, goal achieving and challenge overcoming, that are the center of its vision.

You are welcome to join us out in the field during one of our upcoming showcases!

Second Generation Venus

In June 2019, following a yearlong development and completion of the trial plan, ALTA has launched its Second Generation Venus system. The system enables the application of splat tubes, 750 grams each. 
Now, we can get the work done more efficiently, in greater speed and precision, covering 1,000 dunams per day.

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