Rodent Eradication

Drone technology development has opened a window of opportunity has opened for the development of drone based breakthroughs in the field of agriculture in coping with various types of pests. Until today, pesticides have been applied disproportionately and manually by a large amount of manpower. ALTA offers drone based solutions that help make pesticides application more efficient, offer high level precision and optimize manpower utilization, which in turn lead to an enormous financial saving for the client and farmer.

Rodent control application with the Gaya system

Until today, there is no efficient method for dealing with rodents in fields of Medicago. The existing solutions for dealing with such rodents cause severe damage to crops. Moreover, their mere presence in the fields inhibits the feasibility of installing efficient and advanced irrigation systems that would enable to increase crop production. Collaboration between Dr. Yoav Motro, head of vertebrate and snail damage prevention in the division of Plant Protection and Inspection Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Netafim and ALTA has lead to the development of a rodent control application system (Rosh 80) that is accurate, efficient and effective. The application focuses on exact points of entry and exit of the rodents, based on algorithms developed by ALTA. This method facilitates a significant reduction of 95% in the quantity of poison used, in comparison to the method currently applied.

The development includes three major stages: First, using a drone to produce high resolution images of the field, then using an algorithm-powered system to analyze the images and locate the rodent burrows and finally applying the poison on the located burrows using the rodent control application system. 

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