Drones in Agriculture

The drone industry is quickly gaining momentum around the globe, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology encompasses a wide range of capabilities that can be incorporated into countless professional fields. Today drone technology enables teams and personnel in all settings to solve problems previously thought to be impossible. From government surveillance, search and rescue efforts, deforestation reports, international news information, the list of potential uses for operational drones goes on and on. It comes as no surprise that CompTIA reports UAV technology has an annual growth projection rate of 20.5%, significantly outpacing many other technology sectors.

The founders at ALTA Innovation Solutions have been quick to harness the potential that UAV technology possesses for agricultural purposes and have dedicated themselves to engineering solutions for the average farmer. With this mission, ALTA has designed UAVs with high resolution agricultural surveillance technology using patented algorithms for advanced mapping and photography and has equipped larger UAVs with custom chemical dispersal devices. In combination, these systems provide unprecedented solutions in the world of pesticide application optimizing time, improving accuracy, and saving manpower.

ALTA Innovations is leading the field of drone agriculture solutions with the combination of advanced mapping and photography and an exclusive dispersal method. ALTA’s patented drone technology is saving hardworking growers valuable time and money, all while maintaining a high standard of excellence in the field and making a clear positive impact on ecological sustainability. 

What is an agricultural spraying drone?

A spraying drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that functions in agricultural fields where it spreads pesticides in a variety of various compounds. Usually a spraying drone is capable of carrying between 5-150 liters at a time. ALTA’s patented drone technology enables the dispersion of ointments, liquids, granules and powders in farm fields. This revolutionary technology makes us uniquely capable to address farmer needs that were previously impossible.  innovative airborne agricultural solutions make it the leader in the field.

The advantages of using drones in agriculture:

The speed and precision capabilities of automated drones are saving manpower in the field, and in most cases are better than using tractors and airplanes. UAV technology now provides access to orchards and fields that was previously thought to be inaccessible.  ALTA’s drone technology also averts field destruction and erosion caused by heavy machinery which leave unwanted divots and compress the soil. ALTA’s drones can operate closer to residential areas and industrial areas, which is also extremely dangerous for piloted aircraft and heavy machinery. ALTAs aircraft can also operate in weather conditions that are hazardous for human health, such as extreme heat.


Alta’s drones enable our pilots to supervise and control the pin-point application of pesticides properly, allowing us to control the amount and pace of substance spread.  This accuracy and precision is also beneficial for the environment and the surrounding ecosystem. Activated spraying using drones allows us to minimize the environmental impact of these pesticides. Using less pesticides and harmful poisons is not only cost effective for the client, but also aids the long-term health of the land. Avoiding spraying inaccurately allows for a clear and present border between agricultural land and native wildlife that exist together in symbiotic harmony.

A new generation of pesticides is being introduced specifically for agricultural drones. These newer chemicals are meant for more accurate vehicles, are smaller in volume, and cost less than its competitors by comparison. ALTA prides itself on its progressive stance for a green future, working hand in hand with farmers to preserve every ounce of natural land that is humanly possible. 


ALTA is also a groundbreaking company in the field of aerial pheromone dispersals to limit insect infestation of farm fields. ALTA’s latest “Venus” system is capable of covering over 500 dunams in a single day, compared to physical manpower which is only capable of covering 25-30 dunams in a day.


These current advancements are only the beginning of a new era in global agriculture in which UAV technology is quickly taking center stage. ALTA Innovations is leading this technological revolution to advance the use of UAV in  the agricultural industry.

ALTA’s patented agricultural drone technology is saving hardworking growers valuable time and money, all while maintaining a high standard of excellence in the field and making a clear positive impact on ecological sustainability.