Rodent Control

Rodent Control for Alfalfa Fields and General Field Crops

Those who work in the agricultural world today are familiar with the devastation that commonly accompanies rodent infestations, and know why stopping vermin dead in their tracks early is imperative for long term success. Alfalfa growers in particular know that if an infestation remains untreated, a rodent population will eventually cause a number of unforgiving problems. Firstly by inflicting significant crop damages and reducing yields by up to 30-40% (accumulated) which in turn reduces the number of yearly growing cycles. Secondly thirsty rodents gnaw and chew on expensive irrigation systems (especially drip irrigation tubing), pipes, and cables looking for subground water in the hot summer months, this brings about catastrophic failures of critical infrastructure crucial for a farmer’s agricultural security usually all at peak season. It goes without saying that financial damages of an unchecked rodent problem can be absolutely devastating for growers of all kinds.

ALTA Innovations has developed groundbreaking solutions that use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to identify and eliminate rodent populations by targeting infested areas. Initially, ATLA pilots conduct aerial surveillance using drones equipped with high resolution RGB cameras. These high-resolution images captured mid flight provide a bird’s eye view of the field to precisely locate rodents and their burrows. 


Later ALTA uses larger UAV models equipped with unique pesticide dispersal devices to treat the rodent-infested fields. These customized aerial dispersal devices allow our ALTA pilots to accurately distribute a minimal application of poison from above in an effective way that maximizes results for the grower. ALTA’s airborne solution uses pin-point accuracy to eliminate rodent infestations in a way that minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment and soil health. Other methods of rodent extermination, such as flooding and traps, can cause extensive soil erosion and damage to viable farm land. 


ALTA’s aerial rodent extermination strategy is a cost-effective solution for agriculture operations to eliminate rodent infestations as well as maximizing crop output and protecting farmer investments.

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