Our Technology

Alta Technology Solutions is now a national leader in the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions for agricultural problems. Alta’s unique technology delivers the following industry advances:

Pin-point accuracy: ALTA utilizes UAV technology to first do an intensive aerial surveillance of the area using high resolution camera technology and progressive algorithms enabling our team to identify problem areas. This gives ALTA pilots a further advantage knowing precisely where to disperse necessary chemicals when later using larger Skipper UAV models with customized sprayer attachments to disperse compounds with surgical precision.  Whether it be rodent control, pesticide application, insect pheromone treatments, or survey mapping the ALTA team accomplishes the job with unparalleled accuracy.

Reduces cost and waste of chemicals:  ALTA has dramatically reduced the amount of pesticides and other chemicals used in treating fields and orchards.  Broadcasting pesticides and fertilizers with traditional spray methods or glider crop dusting can often require twice the volume of chemicals than actually needed. ALTA Technology Solutions uses a combination of groundbreaking technologies to reduce the overall need for chemical application. 

Minimizes human exposure to pesticides and chemicals: Every year around the world over 200,000 people unfortunately succumb to chemical exposure and poisoning, it is a big risk that frankly most are unaware of. Agricultural sprayer drones dramatically reduce exposure for manual laborers, who are undoubtedly at highest risk of exposure.

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