Search and Rescue

As part of search and rescue operations carried out by Magnus across the globe, rescue crews  are forced to scan large pieces of land in short periods of time, that can tip the scale in favor of those missing.

Moreover, these operations are carried out in high-risk locations that pose severe risk to the rescue crews themselves.

In 2017, Magnus collaborated with ALTA to establish a designated drones division, as part of which drone operators were trained especially for search and rescue missions across the globe. Throughout this operation, rescue crews are supported by drone operators that use drones to scan large pieces of land in short periods of time with thermal means that enable activity during night time as well as daytime, while minimizing the risk posed to rescue crews themselves. The findings by the drones are then transmitted live to a designated command post that analyzes them and guides the crew to operate according to their analysis.

Such activity with drones serves as a power multiplier for field crews.


Drone=Power Multiplier

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