Precision Agriculture

ALTA was established in 2015 by Navy veterans for the purpose of providing drone-based solutions. Its founders integrated knowledge and power and have gained vast experience in the field of aviation. This includes the operation of drones and additional UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles), mechanical and technical development as well as design and development of software and algorithms for the aircraft. All the above have positioned us as a leading company in the field drones in Israel.

The company’s drone operators have undergone both military and civilian training for operating these unique aircraft. The company’s mission statement is based on professionalism, safety, credibility, achieving goals and overcoming the various challenges we encounter.

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Number of acres destroyed
by Alta Skippers in 2020

Our Values

Manpower efficiency

Record-breaking speed

Maximal Precision

Reliability and Safety

Our Technology

Rich experience with drones and integration of leading industry knowledge authorities, including the collaboration of electric, software and mechanical engineers, with the objective of producing advanced and revolutionary drone-based solutions for our industry. First we learn the needs of our client and once we identify the potential we get going.

Our method for producing new solutions involves sketching. With advanced software we sketch the initial prototype that must be aerodynamically tailored for integration with a drone. Placement of the system is a critical stage of its development.


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