Precision Agriculture

ALTA was first established in 2015 by Israeli Naval Veterans with an intention to provide agricultural solutions for farmers by ingeniously using UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology. Our founders have vast experience in the field of automated aviation, and using these skills they have pioneered a new way forward fusing UAV technologies with a world renowned agricultural knowledge, now additionally supported by Luxembourg Industries Ltd. ALTA’s expert pilots use the latest UAV models retrofitted with customized attachments, software, and algorithms not found anywhere else in the world to tackle pesticide, poison, pheromone, and crop surveillance issues in unprecedented fashion. Such progress has positioned ALTA as a leading company in the field of drones in Israel.

Although our UAV models are only flown for commercial agricultural use, our seasoned pilots not only have commercial pilot training to rely on but military training and experience as well. This undoubtedly puts ALTA ahead of the curve, stationing us as innovators in the industry and at the forefront of new innovations. Our mission statement is based on professionalism, safety, credibility, achieving goals and overcoming the various challenges we encounter together as a unified force.

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acres inoculated, treated, and improved.

Our Values

Manpower efficiency

Record-breaking speed

Maximal Precision

Reliability and Safety

Our Technology

Alta Technology Solutions is now a national leader in the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions for agricultural problems. Alta’s unique technology delivers the following industry advances:

Pin-point accuracy: ALTA utilizes UAV technology to first do an intensive aerial surveillance of the area using high resolution camera technology and progressive algorithms enabling our team to identify problem areas. This gives ALTA pilots a further advantage knowing precisely where to disperse necessary chemicals when later using larger Skipper UAV models with customized sprayer attachments to disperse compounds with surgical precision.  Whether it be rodent control, pesticide application, insect pheromone treatments, or survey mapping the ALTA team accomplishes the job with unparalleled accuracy. 


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